Cafe - JobKeeper

JobKeeper 2.0 – What you need to know

Like most sequels, JobKeeper 2.0 won’t be as big a … Continued

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Business Deadlines

4 important upcoming business deadlines

Interested in a $10,000 business grant? How about buying a much-needed asset and immediately writing off the cost? Here are four looming deadlines your business may need to start moving on ASAP.

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Asset Write-Off

Making the most of the instant asset write-off before the EOFY deadline

Two months and counting (down). That’s how long your business has to make use of the $150,000 instant asset write off before the end-of-financial-year June 30 deadline.

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Stimulus package

The coronavirus economic stimulus plan for businesses explained

Small businesses all around the world are facing uncertain times. However, rather than shutting up shop until COVID-19 passes, the federal government is hoping to stimulate SME spending through a raft of initiatives and tax incentives.

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superannuation australia

Superannuation obligations for contractors

  Typically, superannuation Australia is associated with employees, but there … Continued

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Superannuation australia

Understanding the Basics of Superannuation

If you are unfamiliar with how superannuation works, this article … Continued

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