Confused by Financial Jargon?

Looking to obtain a new home loan/mortgage and getting confused by the mortgage broker?

Heard friends talking about their equity in property, or their dividend yield from their investments and not sure what it all means?

I’m sure you know what chlorophyll is, or how to use Pythagoras’ theorem, but unfortunately our education system doesn’t teach basic financial concepts.

Financial Education is a service we offer at New Wave Advice. We have both an educational program – taking on the most common areas of your finances, as well as a ‘by-appointment’ consultation service where you can ask the questions you’re needing to answer, and perhaps receive a second opinion on some general advice you have received.

Learn the important parts, learn the jargon, and be confident in your knowledge to ask questions and challenge your advice providers.

Contact us today to learn more about your finances, and enable yourself to take more control!

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