Take control of your finances

Does the word “budget” give you chills?

Combining technology with experience, the team at New Wave Advice we can take the stress out of your budget and cash flow management and put you in control of your finances.

We can help by providing a clear snapshot of where you are and illustrate the path you’re currently on, and then provide alternative scenarios based on simple, but effective changes.

The budgeting process begins by understanding your exact  inflows and outflows. Money Smart provide a free budget spreadsheet that can help categorise your finances. Once we have a clear snapshot, we can clarify your goals and design a unique path to illustrate how you can achieve your goals. A clearly defined budget will give you control of your money and allow you to reach the goals you want whether they be:

  • Paying down debt
  • Being able to holiday regularly
  • Save for your first home or investments
  • Put money aside for your children
  • Or simply build up a cash buffer


Contact us today to begin taking control of your money.

Budgeting Software

GET MORE OUT OF YOUR Budgeting & cashflow


Free Initial Consultation

Free consultation at a location of your choice. Here we will meet, listen to your goals and aspirations, and then collect the information relevant to provide a tailored advice solution.


Utilising our broad knowledge base, and ensuring compliance with relevant rules and regulations, we undertake detailed research to ensure we have considered all aspects of your situation.


Here we will identify and evaluate alternative strategies based on achieving your goals, and confirm their suitability for your needs.


We will present you with a Clear & Concise plan to achieve the goals that you set out. This will include all the ‘nuts & bolts’ information and the various steps to be taken to meet your goals.


Simple – this step is putting the plan into action.


We will meet with you AT LEAST once a year to ensure your plan remains relevant and you are still on track to meet your goals.